Praveen K Bali

White collar vs Blue collar jobs – with a wave of more and more youngsters moving into white collar jobs, how do you manage and align resources towards blue collar vacancies?
Simply , identify the reasons for such wave and then make programs to plug and create balance . A few trivial reasons are :

1. India and many countries do not have any segregation process at school level . Normally at the standards 8/ 10 and 12 , there should be a process of segregation - Degree / Diploma / Technical Skill Hands
2. The Blue Collar sector should be rewarded better and the financial difference between Blue and White Collar be reduced , as in most of Developed countries . And similarly the social respect for Blue Collar workforce must be improved as in socialist philosophy.

Based on India's history of being under British governance for 2 centuries , the up gradation of blue collar staff , will be a slow process and will have slower acceptance in society but its not a difficult task , if done on pan India basis and in an integrated manner.

To maintain competitive edge, producers must implement "smart manufacturing”, this means learning new skills, adopting new measures and redefining what "value add" means. How do you adopt these in your industry?
Our industry is a service industry. However, we adopt the new skills thru keeping ourselves well informed about the developed industries of our sector. It’s always more meaningful to learn from the good and bad experiences of others (if available) rather than try to re-invent the wheel.

What is the role of the following technologies in your industry and how is it a game changer?
SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud); IoT (Internet of Things)

as we provide our services to a very limited and defended clients in oil and gas industry, we do not use these tools very much, except for standard communication purpose.

Being a CEO, what are the challenges that you face in your Business?
In our small sector Service Sector company, the major challenge is to select and retain the appropriate manpower. It’s easy to buy equipment and to start a new venture but its most challenging to find a person, who would run it and take care of it.

What is your take on the changing role of CEOs?
I think, unlike before, today a CEO must remain networked 24x 7 and must be tech savvy so as to keep itself in touch with latest in the world and latest in its organization. However, the stress and working levels must be kept low and easy, so that all can enjoy their work and their workplace (which is the bottom-line).

How does IT leverage in the Evolution of Staffing?
Information Technology (IT) is the science of creation, processing, storage and efficient sharing of data in digital form and Staffing is the science of selection, training and efficient assignment of human resources in any organization.

IT which in initial phase was mainly used for pure science and technology purpose, enhanced its sphere of usage, particularly since last decade to cover services sectors and service departments like Staffing.

The main contribution of IT , in the Evolution of Staffing is in form of Integration and processing of Human Resource Data . In earlier days , such data used to be available in disintegrated forms and may be at different locations and different formats , thereby its usage was very ineffective and mostly non-reusable. But today , the same data stored in a structured way can be processed , updated , shared and used in much more efficient and effective way . Thus IT , today provides us a much sharper tool to us for our Staffing services.

As evolution is a continuous process , an organization must keep itself abreast with the evolution of IT and keep evolution of Staffing function updated as well.

What are the Big Bets that we can predict/ forecast in the IT and Staffing Industry for the year 2016?
For Staffing Industry or any service sector industry , it may not be wise to run too fast and / or to make very long term anticipations and investments based on that . However , based on the trends in IT industry and IT Technology in last couple of years , one can certainly make short to medium term predictions/ forecasts . And the major trends observed in recent past years is

# the significant shift in end usage of IT , from desktops / laptops to hand held devices like smart phones / tablets
# all time connectivity with end users thru various social and private applications
# wider coverage of IT networks from Urban to Rural areas , all throughout the world.

Hence the Staffing industry is lucky that they are getting an almost ready platform to get themselves connected with each end user of IT service. And all they need to do it to develop an smart and simple application to collect the professional data and then use it efficiently and profitably .