Jimmy Rao

The Evolution of Staffing

I can probably best relate to the evolution of staffing by telling my own story and that of Sysgen. We started our IT Staffing company in 1991 not as a pure staffing company but as provider of customized IT/software applications. It was our knowledge of how to find quality people that led our clients then to request for staffing support. It was only in 1996 when Sysgen made the leap from a provider of customized software development to a full staffing business. It is not uncommon for IT people to seek a business in IT staffing or staffing in general.

Staffing has evolved into an IT enabled service. Job boards, social media sites, and Applicant Tracking Systems either currently run in the internet or the cloud. The ability to use Boolean strings to search candidates from various sourcing channels has greatly increased the productivity of recruiters. It has gone a long way from placing wanted ads and waiting for people to apply. We had no such luxury in the early 90s. Sourcing was a result of applicants sending in hardcopies or softcopies of their resumes. Nonetheless, we had to physically browse through those resumes without the benefit of keyword scanners.

We now have Applicant Tracking Systems that were specifically designed for Staffing companies. This has greatly impacted the efficiencies of staffing firms through management reports that give you real time information involving day to day recruiting activities. Gone are the days of whiteboards that need to be updated every so often to show job orders, submits, interviews, and placements.

There’s also the emergence of Referral programs and the wide usage of social media. Never in the history of staffing and recruiting have we had the ability to reach out to candidates and propagate information via social media tools.

Big Bets in Staffing & Recruitment Industry

The Biggest Bets are in the areas that are seeing as the Emerging areas -

Technology will be key. As previously stated, staffing and recruiting is now an IT enabled service. It would be unimaginable for staffing companies not to have access to technologies that will streamline their processes. Technology is an essential ingredient for every successful staffing firm. Recruiting is marketing and Recruitment CRM has helped staffing firms manage the various touch-points with candidates thus creating better relationships with people that matter.

The internet has driven the growth and expansion of a number of staffing and recruiting firms. Because of the internet, the cloud apps, and the job board all over the world, we are able to provide offshore RPO services. We have clients in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Germany with whom we provide resume sourcing and recruiting support services. Technology has given us the ability to call candidates all over the world and present them with job opportunities. It has also given us the ability to work with cloud applications that gives the staffing companies flexibility.

Social media
The advent of social media has given rise to a new genre of clients and candidates. They now have instant information at the stroke of their fingers making social media a powerful branding tool.

Though there are basic social media practices that have been set as the norm, there is still a lot of experimentation that’s required. Solutions providers continue to develop applications that are specific to the industry that use social media, be it Facebook or Linkedin, to spread the word so to speak. The depths of its application in staffing still needs to be fully developed and exploited.

Impact of Social Media on Recruitment
Very simply put, social media can aid you deliver your brand – your business, your mission, and your culture. Employees, candidates, and customers can be used as your brand ambassadors wherein they can share positive feedback and stories about your firm. Give them an avenue to share their insights and for you to engage them with conversation. Let them speak for you.

The best recruiters are marketers. Social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, allow Recruiters to engage their target markets and thus making their firm top of mind. The impact of social media recruiting on your staffing business is massive if done correctly. It can help build awareness of your brand and give access into a talent pool of passive candidates. With social media you have the ability to send out the right message to the right people at the right time. How to make social media work for your staffing and recruitment business is maybe the number one question most staffing executives are asking. We know it’s there but how do we make best use of it.