Abhay Vaish

What has changed in IT in the last 5 years?

IT has undergone a lot of changes in the last 5 years, here are some of the major ones.

Jurisdiction change “Office to everywhere” – thanks to the ubiquitous availability of internet todays IT has no limits.
Proprietary to Open Source – A lot of companies have started accepting and adopting Open Source. This is a game changer for suppliers and buyers.
Monolith to Cloud – One of the biggest things that has happened is the wide adoption of Cloud. This has and will change the whole landscape in the years to come.
Client Specific software to SaaS Solutions – Numerous SaaS offerings are hitting the market, eliminating the need of major hardware and software investments by the users.

In short, Instant, Ubiquitous , Mobile and Easy – are the mantras of the new IT generation.

What are the Big Bets in the current scenario in the IT Industry?

The Biggest Bets are in the areas that are seeing as the Emerging areas -

• Mobility – Hardware (Smartphones & Tablets as opposed to PC’s), Networks (Mobile Networks as opposed to Office Networks), Software (Apps as opposed to Conventional Software)
• Open Source – Organizations have realized that it is difficult to have a lone sprint. Collaboration is seen as the best way to survive and co-petition, is the better word.
• Cloud – When we are done with it, Could will be seen as having very similar impact as Industrial Revolution had on the society.
• XaaS – Wonderful for SME – they can get the best of the breed for a fractional cost aka. Fractional ownership.
• Virtualization & Software Defined Networks – That dramatically increases the complexity – as you need to support a hybrid environment where the legacy application and infrastructure must continue to be supported. If you have an IT partner that can help you manage that complexity in a seamless and robust manner, you will stay ahead of the curve, while others will fumble.

Any specific industry/ vertical that is adopting IT in a big way?
o We see banks, healthcare and governments adopting IT in a big way. We foresee that trend to continue and gain even more momentum.
o As per Gartner, estimated 2015 spend on IT by the Indian Banking and Securities Firms, is 499 Billion INR.
o As per Gartner, estimated 2015 spend on IT by the Indian Healthcare service providers, is almost 80 Billion INR.
o Indian government set aside 70.6 Billion INR for development of 100 smart cities, in its 2014-15 annual budget, we believe that a large share of that money would be consumed by IT as a key enabler.

How are IT Vendors adopting technologies or using strategies to help their customers?
o Better CRM and customer behavior data and modeling will be important, especially in B2C scenarios. The ability to predict customer demands (even before the customer realizes it) will differentiate between the leaders and the laggards.
o Data will be king, and IT vendors will need to ramp up on data analytics skills and tools to ensure they can provide relevant solutions to their customers.

What will make news in 2016 in the IT World?
o Well, in all likelihood it could be Autonomics and AI, in various industry verticals.